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New Interactive Map Makes Well Data Available with a Click

Click here to access the new interactive map of wells in the District.

2015 Hydrology and Groundwater Resources Report

The "2015 Hydrology and Groundwater Resources" document is intended as a general information report about the District, the District's Programs, the regional geology and hydrology and groundwater resources. It includes sections about District Monitor Wells, Water Quality, Annual Groundwater production and includes maps depicting estimated depth of water, estimated annual decline in water table and estimated saturated aquifer material.

To download the 2015 Hydrology and Groundwater Resources Report, click here.

District Accepting Applications for Meter Reimbursement

The North Plains Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors voted to approve a contract with the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) that will make funds available to irrigators to offset up to half the equipment cost of water meters. "This is the next step in getting grant funds that were awarded to the district back in June into the hands of area producers to help them manage their water," said North Plains GCD, General Manager, Steve Walthour.

The district is now accepting applications from irrigators in the district for reimbursement on meters installed after June 26, 2014. The grant of $600,000 was awarded to the district by the TWDB on the basis that meters are an accepted and effective management tool for producers and for groundwater conservation districts. "If we use all these funds, we will request more and we will continue to request funds until there is no further demand or no more funds available," said Walthour. For information about applying for reimbursement call the district at 806-935-6401 or click on the following links:

Meter Reimbursement Info

Meter Reimbursement App 

Maintaining our way of life through conservation, protection, and preservation of our groundwater resources.


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